Monday, May 30, 2005

Looking great!!!!

I've been away for a week now, so it was so fun to see how many nice tote's and tops that have been completed whilst I've been away =)

The gallery is now updated, but please e-mail me if I forgot to include your 'work'!!

Keep up the good work, and lets hope that summer will come soon, the weathet is freeeezing cold in Sweden today...brrrrr. Not to mention that the rain does nothing good for my curly hear. I'm talking frizzball =)

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Metteflettes tote is done!

Puuh, finally finished!
I`m not 100 % happy with it but I did my best!
Kitty`s ears look strange and her eyes is way too big!
My two girls is fighting over it so it can`t be that bad, or what?

Hugs from Metteflette

Sunday, May 29, 2005

lovely gallery

have you see the wonderfull gallery ?
all is so cute
thanks to oslofia and nunnun

Friday, May 27, 2005

Tones tote is done!

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Irenes tote is done!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

So sad...

I had to rip out the shirt last night. I realized it was just going to be too big and there was no way to work with what I had completed. So sad. But all in the name of perfection, right? And my fellow Hello Kitty 2 KAL-ers, you expect nothing less than perfection, right?


My top Is ready

A gift too my granddaughter.

You can see it here:

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Have to drop out

I'm sorry everyone, I'm afraid that I have to drop out of the KAL with my tote bag half finished.

I have two charity projects going at the moment, a ton of work being done on my place and my health is feeling the crunch, I apologize for not being able to finish but some things have to give :(

I wish you all the best with the rest of the KAL, and again I'm sorry to everyone that I cannot finish.


top finished

My top was finished a few days ago.

I have the photo in my blog...


Monday, May 23, 2005

Sue's crochet tote done

I'm glad to announce that my tote bag is done.

I'm pleased with it as it is my absolute FIRST crochet project. It doesn't look perfect, but I think it is cool. I used an acrylic yarn - Bernat Berella "4" because first project, you never know what might happen, eh? But it turned out well

So, Bernat Berella yarn, Hook J size and I didn't use 4 skeins at the same time since the yarn was thick enough.

I wasn't so sure about the flower I had 5 tries before understanding that the 1sc, 3dc, 1sc had to be in the same one sc.. I'm a beginner, after all so crocheting in the round isn't something I've done before.. but all in all - I've finally done it!

and here it is:

Image hosted by

Thanks Oslofia for the lovely pattern!

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Unnis tote is done!

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Sunny's tote & top

I am so proud of myself for finishing these in less than two weeks. I knitted a HK bag with the first KAL and now crochet a second one but i still have no bags for myself. My girlfriend took away the first blue one and niece went for the neon green one =)

On my way!

Hello all! I just started my summer top today and I stopped right before doing the hearts. It's bedtime for me!
p 003

But it feels good to have something done. I am also sizing mine up for a seven year old, so as totally cute as the tie straps are, I might do thick strapes like Unni did. Any suggestions are welcome! Everyone's tops and bags look so nice!

My HK-purse

I finished today, and my daughter has already started to use it.She's staying overnight to a friend, and she had to use the purse.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Majas summertop is done!

Firebarnsmammas tote is done!

Finished summer-top size 2 years!

Finally it's finished, so now I am ready for the next project!

Now the tote is done

Image hosted by

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Majas tote is done!

Tone M's tote is done!

Wias tote is done!

Ing-Maries tote is done!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Is there a deadline date?

Hello everyone!

I have to ask, is there a deadline to get our totes done? If there is I may have to drop out of the KAL :(

I'm drowning in projects right now, I have two charity drives going and I have several gifts I need to make and I don't know when I'm going to be able to finish my tote. I don't want to break any KAL rules by not finishing on time in case I might be able to try to participate in a future one, please would someone tell me if I need to drop out or if I can just wait a little and see if I can get to it?

Thanks (and sorry for not being a better Kal participant!),

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

lillema's tote is finished!

My blue summer tote is finished, but there is no picture of it yet.

Monday, May 16, 2005


I'm so impressed by all the tops and totes that are POPPING up here...they all look GREAT =)

I've started my tote in blue. I'm done with the front side, and hopefully I'll be done with the back tonight. Anyways, Laurence had a great idea about making a gallery of our 'work' I'll see if I can make something fun out of all the stuff we've been making during the week.

Have a great week,

Wendys Tote is Done!

Here is the small tote I made for my baby sis.

I made it with one strand of Bernat Softee Chunky and an I hook. It's what I had on hand and it worked out beautifully. It is the perfect size for my 7 year old sister. I made the handles shorter than what the pattern asked for and it worked. :)

Thank you Oslofia for creating such a fun KAL!


Renates tote is done!

I made it for my 6 year old cousin. Hope she'll like it. I only used 1 tread, so thats why it so small =)

Helens tote is done!

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Tralletones tote is done

Anne-Ruths top is done!

Gimpelises top is done!

I have finally started the top...

I have delayed my beginning with the top because I din not have enough pink yarn at home, and all of last week , I was hoping to get some time to go and byu some, but I didn´t, so today, I decied to make a striped one....I hope it will be okay=). The colours can bee seen in my blog.


Saturday, May 14, 2005

Done with the summertop

I have knittet size 6 months. Used a box of matches to show the size ..
Ridiculously small! :D But I suppose it will fit my cousin !

finished tote!

I just finished the tote. This was the first time I crocheted something else than flowers and scarves(btw. last crocheted scarf was finished in 2000).
Check out my blog for a pic.

Summer top finished

Today I finished my summertop. I`ve knitted a longer edition of the top because my daughter wanted it this way. I got some yarn left and it became a hat suited to the summertop. The owner is satisfied, and so is mum the knitter.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Started on the summertop

Tonight I have started on the summertop. I suppose you all have knitted larger sizes than me because it looks quite different :) I am knitting size 6 months and it is going fast! Which off course I like, as the impatient person I am. I am using Mandarin Petit in pink and some unidentified yarn in grey.

I'm finished

Isn't it cute

Image hosted by

Now I\m ready for the tote, and I've just bought purple yarn for it.

I knew it

Well, I don't know if you all want to hear about progress, but I think it is at least as entertaining as finished works. :o)
As I said; I knew it. I have not tried intarsia knitting often but I know I don't really like it. In this summer top there is both Fair Isle and Intarsia - and the Fair Isle border with the hearts went okay - but Kitty's head was awful, in my oppinion. I know I am a bit too "symmetrical" in my head, I prefer mu Opal socks to match as perfectly as possible and I hate it when pictures or shelves are hanging ever so slightly skewed...and I also know many knitters would have said my intarsia-Kitty was very fine - but I unraveled it and knit the front just like the back and now I am simply sewing the Hello Kitty face on the top instead. Part of my problem is the rather thin yarn - if I had been knitting intarsia in thicker yarn it would have been more even to look at but I disliked the uneven stitches.

I do not have pictures right now but it will become obvious when seeing the front; For the hearts border I have knitted one heart white and the rest pink; the white heart is intarsia and the pink hearts are fair isle and there is a very obvious difference (to me, anyway). *lol*

Thursday, May 12, 2005

My HK-top

I have finished my HK-top, at least. Visit my blog:

My bag is finish

Here is the result of my bag.
My choice of color is violet

You can see it here

my hk tote is finished

you can see it on my hello kitty blog
I crochete it with a smaller hook 3
I have some probleme for put my picture on hk summer kall blog
I"ll try next time
perhaps at the finish we can do a gallery with all our tote
bye bye

I`m finished with the summertop =o)

Take a look in my blog to see the picture.

Now I have to buy yarn so I can get started with the tote =o)

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Look What I Can Do!!

Wow, I'm sooooo happy with this! Got it figured out (thanks Oslofia)... Ok, so my spacing is a little off, I was helping my son do his homework while trying to learn how to intarsia lol might have to tink it and re-start but I wanted to show you what I got done so far :) :) Yeaaaahh

Image hosted by

Anne-Ruths tote is done!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Rettstrikk does not equal retstrikning *lol*

Thank God I got the revised pattern for the summertop! The pictures clearly showed me what I had been wondering about; The Norwegian pattern said "rettstrikk" and in Danish "retstrikning" is the same as garter stitch, knit every row - the English pattern, however, did say stockinette stitch, which is "glatstrikning" in Danish!! So I could have been in real trouble. *lol*

On My Way :)

Hi everyone, I got my yarn and started with the ribbing today on the summer top. I'm using Caron baby sport weight in white and lavender! oooh soooo pretty!

I'm already running into trouble, I've got the first row of heart done do I use the MC to purl across the back? or do I use the white to purl the heart?

Newbie knitter here, my first intarsia attempt with 2 colors :)


yarn help!!

Hi.. I wonder if I can get some yarn brand names that you guys are using for the Summer Top. I went to the store to get 'Sport Weight Cotton' yarns and who'd have guessed it would be so hard..!!!

I came home empty handed after 3 stores so I'm shouting out for help here...

Any name ideas..? I wanted to try Dale Stork but it seems to thin according to the pattern..? Anyone have any ideas...? I'm going crazy here.. :(

Please help! :)Sue.

A hasty start

Hi out there!

I started my Summer Top yesterday (I have been placed in the wrong column, I am knitting the summer top and not crocheting the tote) because my DD Anna has her Grand Birthday on Sunday, she will be 3 and for the first time she is really looking forward to it. I bought some cotton in the local COOP-shop (Brugsen in Denmark), I chose the colours light lavender as main colour and hot pink for the hearts and borders *giggle* - the white yarn for Hello Kitty comes from the stash.
I already can see myself knitting a summer dress for Anna in this cotton yarn and with these colours again - they may be special but they also are great (in my eyes).

But I once again am reminded why I prefer knitting with ONE colour at a time and why I adore the creation of patterns with aran knitting, lave knitting, short rows etc. - boy, is it annoying to be knitting with three active colours and trying to put DS Emil, who is 10 months, to sleep at the same time - he is getting up on his feet in his bed again and again and I am putting down the needles and lying him down again and again...*sigh* Must be a bit funny to watch me fighting with not only Small Boy but also Many Strings. ;o)

In Progress!

Hello everyone!

Well I finally got started on my tote last night, I didn't think I could handle keeping four skeins straight at once with my dexterity problems due to Multiple Sclerosis so instead I used some chunky yarn and it's coming out really cute so far! I got the front done so far, the motif took me a long time to do because I'm still so new at crocheting with them, but it came out pretty sweet (if a little crooked on the ears! LOL

I will post an in-progress picture soon. Sadly I can't work on it today, too much housework to do (yucky!)


Unnis summertop size 6+ finished!

Kattepus makes a top...

And here is how far I've come.

Image hosted by

(I started on the back)

Monday, May 09, 2005

Gimpelises tote

Gimpelises tote is also done. So many efficient crocheters!


Så er MIN HelloKitty-veske ferdig.
Skikkelig sukkertøy-farger, men yngstefrøken syns den ble kul.
Har sett mange puser med vakrere fjes en min Kitty ja, får håpe det blir bedre etterhvert.
Bildet av hele greia finnes i bloggen min, og kan beskues her:

Bildet ser du her!

oooh! Crochet!

So, I thought that I could crochet...? hmmm... I learnt double and single crochet last week, and I didn't want to make these dishcloths as my first project. Instead, I thought I'd be challenged by a great Hello Kitty one, since I know little and big girls who just love the sweet cat.

I looked at the pattern and whoa!!!!!!! Crochet 4 skeins.... turn.. turn.. and in my mind, goes.. WHAT?

I'm going to be the one raising my hand up (or posting up here) and saying "teacher teacher can you help me please...!".

I can knit (so I think I'm going to have to start with the tops first!) and figure out the bag as I go along...

*sighing for my lack of understanding...*

A little summertop

Now I've started on the top. It's in yellow and turqouise, and I'm soon finished with the hearts. Pictures will come soon.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Turvids beachtote!

Friday, May 06, 2005

Smilla's Summertop

I'm done with Smilla's tonight I'll start on the tote =)
I realised that the crochet flower will be to big for the motif on the top, so I embrodered a flower instead. I'll write a new revision of the pattern during the weekend, so you'll get that next week. Have a great weekend!!!!
PS! Den heklede blomsten blir for stor, så det brodert blomsten istede. Jeg skriver om oppskriften i löpet av helgen, så får dere en ny versjon neste uke. God helg =)

It's a start...

When I finished my shawl yesterday I started out with the summer-top.
But that was really a hard transfer....from 8 mm needles to 2,5 mm needles!
I think I will need to do something on 4 mm before I continue on this.

Thursday, May 05, 2005


I'm done! :)

my summertop

I have started tonight, and I really think this summertop will be very nice.

Have a look

The second day

I have reached the pattern, so I in progress.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Status day one!

The first day is over and I got this far

I use Mandarin Classic, 2 threads of yarn and a 5 mm hook.

I promised to show Turvids photo as well, she got this far today:

got my pattern today!

Hi, everybody!
I am just testing to post something here, to see if it works...=). Well, I think I will get started on the summer top tonight.


Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Hello Kitty Summer KAL

Hello all

I started my tote bag yesterday evening.I make it in mixed natural white and beige colours.Sirdar spree 149 yards/100g The front seems to be really nice .I use 1 thread and hook 4,5.

Good luck to all