Friday, May 13, 2005

I knew it

Well, I don't know if you all want to hear about progress, but I think it is at least as entertaining as finished works. :o)
As I said; I knew it. I have not tried intarsia knitting often but I know I don't really like it. In this summer top there is both Fair Isle and Intarsia - and the Fair Isle border with the hearts went okay - but Kitty's head was awful, in my oppinion. I know I am a bit too "symmetrical" in my head, I prefer mu Opal socks to match as perfectly as possible and I hate it when pictures or shelves are hanging ever so slightly skewed...and I also know many knitters would have said my intarsia-Kitty was very fine - but I unraveled it and knit the front just like the back and now I am simply sewing the Hello Kitty face on the top instead. Part of my problem is the rather thin yarn - if I had been knitting intarsia in thicker yarn it would have been more even to look at but I disliked the uneven stitches.

I do not have pictures right now but it will become obvious when seeing the front; For the hearts border I have knitted one heart white and the rest pink; the white heart is intarsia and the pink hearts are fair isle and there is a very obvious difference (to me, anyway). *lol*


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